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 Chatri Sityodtong: Martial Arts Leader

I consider Chatri the most influential man in asian martial arts. He’s the founder of One Championship and Evolve MMA—an elite MMA camp with an insane amount of legends under their roster. If love rags to riches stories and you don’t know his story, take a look at this TedTalk. He also comes from the most prestigious lineage in Muay Thai history: the Sityodtong camp. Chatri was named by the legendary coach Yodtong Senanan to be the convervator of Sityodtong Muay Thai, but his reach has gone way beyond, as he’s been changing the land scape of martial arts behind the scene.


“Lawrence Kenshin is a striking genius.  I am a big fan of his videos and analysis.  He understands the nuances and intricacies of striking completely.  And he breaks everything down in a simple, clean, and effective manner.  Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will always learn something new from his videos.”

Joe Rogan: UFC Commentator & Martial Artist

Joe Rogan is a life long martial artist—BJJ blackbelt and multiple time Taekwondo champion. Rogan is also the main UFC commentator and hosts one of the most popular podcasts in the world.


“That’s a fantastic breakdown of low-kick techniques. You’re a great writer, dude. Really well described analysis. Bravo!”

– Regarding “Ernesto Hoost – The Perfect Low Kick”

“… Thanks in part to our UG brethren like Jack Slack and Lawrence Kenshin I’ve become really ultra-fasincated with striking sequences in high level kickboxing and Muay Thai.”

Saenchai: The Pound for Pound #1 Muay Thai Fighter of This Era

 Buakaw: The 2x K-1 Champion & Superstar Who Globalized Muay Thai

Firas Zahabi: Elite MMA Coach

As the head coach to superstars Georges St. Pierre, Rory MacDonald, and countless other up and coming fighters, he’s one of the greatest minds in martial arts today. Firas is considered by many experts to be one of the best coaches in the game. His team consists of a whose who list of coaches, collaborating with the likes of Greg Jackson, Freddie Roach, John Danaher / Renzo Gracie, Phil Nurse, and John Wayne Parr… just to name a few. He’s a BJJ black belt, Canadian Muay Thai Champion, and was one of the few foreigners to be accepted into the Petchyindee camp to learn under the real life street fighter “Sagat.”


Excellent work on the article. Some excellent points raised.

– Regarding “Rory MacDonald vs. Jake Ellenberger”

Great article on my trainer, the real Sagat!

– Regarding “Street Fighter Sagat in Real Life: Muay Thai Icon Tribute,” featured by Fight Network

Amazing work as usual!

– Regarding “How to Beat Taller Fighters ft. Iron Mike Zambidis”

Coban “The Cruncher” Lookchaomaesaithong: Muay Thai Legend

Coban is best known for his rivalry with the great Ramon Dekkers, whose considered by many to be the most influential foreign fighter of all time. He’s a 2-time Lumpinee Stadium champion and 5-time world champion. His fight with Dekkers forever changed the Muay Thai world.


“Lawrence Kenshin has a YouTube page with great breakdown videos – from boxing to Muay Thai to MMA. Check him out.”

Namsaknoi “The Emperor” Yudthagarngamtorn: Muay Thai Legend

Namsaknoi is one of the greatest champions in the history of Muay Thai. He held the Lumpinee Stadium title for an unprecedented 6 years, and is also a 4x Muay Thai world champion. He’s the original star of the Por.Pramuk gym—mentor and hero to the most famous Muay Thai fighter, Buakaw Banchamek. Read his tear jerking story here.


Thanks for the awesome breakdown Lawrence Kenshin, keep up the good work!

– Regarding “Exploiting Tendencies”

Lawrence Kenshin made a very accurate video analysis of my fight against Japanese kickboxing legend Satoshi Kobayashi in 2002. Lawrence’s sharp eye and uncanny ability to read my fight strategy is a little scary. Check this out!

– Regarding “Namsaknoi’s Centerline Chains”

Paul “Reaper” Banasiak – 9x Muay Thai Champion, Star Prospect of Namsaknoi

“The uneducated eye views fighting as two men aggressively swinging at each other in an effort to inflict damage; in response, Lawrence Kenshin artistically

combines text and avisual experience to educate the world on the science and deep intricacies of fighting.


Duke Roufus: Elite Coach & Former Champion

The Roufus brothers have long been major players in North American combat sports. This goes from American Karate to Kickboxing to Muay Thai and MMA. Rick Roufus is the man in “Muay Thai vs. Kickboxing: The Fight That Changed History.” That fight would forever change Duke’s life, who at 18, would then immerse himself into Muay Thai. He would become one of America’s top coaches in Muay Thai knowledge after travelling around Thailand and learning from world champions and legendary coaches. Today he runs the famous Roufoussport Mixed Martial Arts Academy, which is home to the UFC superstar Anthony Pettis. Duke Roufus is also head striking coach to UFC champion Tyrone Woodley.


“Love Your Work!… Keep up the great work brother!”

 Robin Black: MMA Analyst & Host

Robin Black has been a great mentor and friend of mine. If you haven’t heard his story, you’ve got to. A good place to start is his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. At the age of 38, he transitioned into MMA from being a musician. With only Taekwondo experience he would train everyday and then compete in order to provide better combat sports insight and analysis. Eventually, his hard work paid off and Fight Network recruited him to be the host of their show. Today, he’s leading the way for MMA analysis as UFC has now recruited him as an analyst.


“Check out my friend Lawrence Kenshin’s work on his website. Top Notch.”

Joe Rogan & Robin Black on Lawrence Kenshin:

“Robin Black: There’s a little group of people out there, it’s a niche in a niche, I’m proud to be part of it… There’s this guy, Lawrence Kenshin he’s really good too.

Joe Rogan: Yesss, I was going to mention him, I’m glad you did. Yes he’s excellent, he does great breakdowns.

Johny Wayne Parr: Muay Thai Legend

John Wayne Parr is often in the discussion of being one of the greatest foreign Muay Thai fighters of all time. He is an 11-time world champion and he’s fought with and beaten some of the greatest in the sport. At 39 years old, he’s still going strong and more recently has become a fan favorite in MMA as well due to his appearances on the Joe Rogan Experiences. Truly a humble champion and fantastic martial artist.


“A gentleman, Lawrence Kenshin, just made a super cool video of one of my old fights at Lumpinee Stadium, breaking different parts down in a true Thai style…

Thank you so much for spending the time to put the video breakdown together. Like you said combat sport is an art and my focus is to try and make my violence a thing of beauty. Truly appreciate it my friend, thank you.”

Josh Barnett: MMA Pioneer, Former Pancrase and UFC Champion

Josh Barnett

Even in a fight as short as this, Lawrence Kenshin manages to shed lots of light into techniques.

  • Regarding Mariusz Pudzianowski’s fight vs. Rolles Gracie

Tyrone Woodley: UFC Welterweight World Champion

tyron-woodley (1)

“Pretty good analysis from someone that doesn’t even know me.” – Tyron Woodley regarding my analysis on his energy usage and tactics to his blitzing right hand.

“I’ve always admired your work. Top notch stuff. Even tho we work against each other, we are still of the same breed.” -Din Thomas, Tyron Woodley’s head coach and MMA pioneer

Samir Seif: Coach & Fighter

Samir is a BJJ Black Belt, Muay Thai Champion and the head coach of Ontario Top Team. He also teaches special forces and law enforcement as a combatives instructor. Check out his great tutorials on all things combat.


“Lawrence Kenshin is an an amazing new light in the field of video fight analyses and show casing top fighters around the world. Insightful and fresh, please check his amazing YouTube videos!!”

“It brings such satisfaction and Joy to see you recognized by some of the greatest fighters. It is well deserved, well earned.Keep doing what you do, your fight breakdowns are amazing!”

An awesome gift and surprise. What a wonderful and amazing video by Lawrence Kenshin Striking breakdown of my career and system. It was a difficult and long shift tonight. I just got home and it put a smile on my face. I am truly humbled and honored to have received this video. In fact stunned and spellbound.”

– Regarding “Tribute to a Great Martial Artist”

Nick Hemmers: Younger brother of the legendary Ramon Dekkers, Son of Coach Cor Hemmers


“I just wanted to say thanks for the respect you still give for my brother and I like all the breakdowns You do ! Keep making the movies, I will be watching them! Osu!”

Jack Slack: Analyst & Accomplished Writer

Jack Slack is the first great analyst. He’s focused on MMA striking analysis for years, and is now the analyst for Vice’s Fightland. Without him, the field of analysis is unlikely to exist as it is today. I certainly wouldn’t have begun without his presence.


“Keep up the great work LK. I love you and all the work you do. You are a terrific analyst and a terrific friend.

“Keep up the brilliant work man. It’s getting better and better, and I’m excited to see how this goes.”

– Regarding Former Website’s Blog Posts

Sean “Muay Thai Guy” Fagan

As the owner of “Muay Thai Guy“—Sean Fagan is the most popular combat sports blogger of all time. He built a website to keep himself accountable of his Muay Thai journey, and because of its excellent content, it simply took off. As an amateur, he captured the US WKA and TKO belts, beating some of North America’s best. He’s detailed his journey throughout Thailand, and has brought some major social media attention to Muay Thai.

maxresdefault (1)

“Lawrence Kenshins Striking Breakdowns is by far one of my most visited Muay Thai channels.

Lawrence is a genius at breaking down and analyzing fights. It’s so cool being able to see the application of techniques, strategies and tactics of Muay Thai legends like Buakaw, Saenchai, Coban, Dekkers and others.

The great thing about Lawrence Kenshin’s channel is that this is just the beginning! He’s got a new website coming out soon and has been putting out more and more consistent, quality breakdowns for our viewing pleasure. Needless to say, this is a channel you need to subscribe to NOW.”

Gary Turner: Kickboxing Champion and Ultra Marathon Runner

Gary Turner is a 10x world champion. He’s faced some of the most elite kickboxers in previous and current generations, and is coach and training partner to many full-contact star athletes.


This is such a great breakdown… such a brilliant piece of work. Love the analysis… Brilliant video breaking down my classic sweeps. Lots of slow motion footage of top fighters hitting the ground.

– Regarding “Double-Threat Sweeps”

Damien Trainor: UK Muay Thai Legend and Pioneer

Damien has been a champion his whole life. Today, he’s a 2 time world champion and one of the most successful Muay Thai fighters from the UK. Having given Muay Thai greats such as Wangchannoi and Rungravee Sasiprapa a war, he’s highly respected for his warrior spirit and skills.


“The videos are awesome mate. Thanks for taking the time to do them.

“When you understand what you’re looking at and what you’re doing, you’ll see so many intricate moves being done as setups, feints, ring control etc. That’s why Lawrence’s videos are good as they highlight things that most people miss.”

Khru Dave Gomez: Coach & Fighter

Dave Gomez is the head instructor at Miami WMB, and he is the 2012 IKF kickboxing coach of the year, as well as IKF World Classic Champion Trainer in 2015.


“Your videos are a godsend. As a coach, I have used the examples you explained to help fighters understand ring tactics and strategy. Lawrence Kenshin… much respect, your knowledge of striking arts is amazing.”

Jason Farrell: Accomplished Coach

Coach Farrell is the owner of Level Up gym in Maryland. Within just opening up his gym for 16 months, he’s produced 3 world champions at the WKA worlds at his gym. In 2014, he was also one of the TEAM USA coaches, bringing home 39 medals from the world championships, 6 from his own athletes. In 2015, TEAM USA again found tremendous success under Farrell’s coaching


Know your roots!! Lawrence Kenshin has the best breakdowns.

Duane Ludwig: Elite Kickboxer and Coach of the Year

Duane Ludwig is one of MMA’s premier striking coaches—he won the prestigious MMA coach of the year in 2013 and 2014, coaching the elite MMA camp Team Alpha Male into several world championship fights. The difference he made with their technical striking was drastic, and the final result was producing a UFC world champion in TJ Dillashaw


“Awesome vid.” — Regarding “Gokhan Saki: Creative Attacks”

Mo Abdurahman

As a young prodigy, Mo has been fighting at the top of amateur Muay Thai and Kickboxing circuit. Recently, he’s been making a great run into the elite pro ranks. He’s shocked the world by beating the #2 ranked Lumpinee stadium superstar, Manachai.

“I love Lawrence Kenshin’s work, the videos are the best! I just want to say that I’m a huge fan of your stuff, love the work you do.”

Ajarn Buck Grant: First Muay Thai coach to Shawn Yarborough and Brandon Vera

Buck Grant

One of the best Muay Thai and Kickboxing pages on YouTube is Lawrence Kenshin’s page. His fight breakdowns should be mandatory study for anyone in the combat arts.

Sylvie Von-Duuglas Ittu: Writer & Fighter

Sylvie is the Awakening’s female journalist of the year. She is also the Muay Thai foreigner with the most fights in Thailand, ever. Her goal is to fight as many times in Thailand as possible while sharing the culture of Muay Thai and journey with the world. Her presence Muay Thai has inspired many women to take the journey to Thailand or to take up Muay Thai in general. For her weight class, she is one of the top female fighters in the world today. For all her detailed accounts of all things Muay Thai, visit www.8limbs.us


“Lawrence Kenshin does amazing work and I’m grateful to have something so beautiful as a keepsake of such an important fight for me. I love the Kenshin Breakdown of the great fighters, the slow-motion and repetition of grace.”

Chris Mauceri: Elite North American Muay Thai Fighter

“Lawrence Kenshin is the man, and does excellent work that I’m excited to be a part of. Take a look at all of his work if you haven’t already.”

Emma Thomas: Writer & Fighter

On Emma’s graduation trip in 2010, she found herself in Thailand practicing Muay Thai. She knew that this is what she wanted to do, and committed to her dream of teaching, training, and fighting in Thailand. While pursuing her passion with total abandon, she also details the ups and downs on her blog “Under The Ropes

download (1)

“Lawrence Kenshin has been producing excellent technique breakdown videos for some time and sharing them on his Facebook page and Youtube channel. For the past year or so, he’s been taking some of the most-watched moments in Muay Thai and dismantling and explaining them in his wonderful, bite-sized videos. He’s also been producing highlight videos of legendary fighters, including Dieselnoi Chor. Thanasukarn.

He’s a great advocate for Muay Thai and I really love his work. He’s recently launched a new website, LawrenceKenshin.com, where he is also starting to post interviews with people in the Muay Thai world.

I count myself very lucky to be able to say that his first one is with me! It is clear, from both the depth of the questions he asked and the time and thought he put into reading so many of my posts and putting together such a comprehensive account of my journey, that he cares deeply about putting quality material out there. I am very grateful that he considered me for his interview series and am really looking forward to see what comes next. This is definitely the start of something exciting.

Sam Yang: BJJ Brown Belt, Coach and Writer

Sam has long been an outstanding writer in the BJJ arena. Today, he writes on his blog “Must Triumph” and “All Out Effort“—delivering some of the most thoughtful articles I’ve seen in combat sports.


“In my opinion, Lawrence Kenshin is one of the best minds in combat sports and has elevated fight analysis with a mixture of history, science, and context.”

Other Notable Testimonials: 

“This is so good, it’s exciting and emotional, the strong choice of music which gives accent to the right moments. The telling of a story hand in hand with a technical on point breakdown… You’ve got something special right here Lawrence. ”

— Sergey Suer, WMF Muay Thai Tournament World Champion, Regarding “Ramon Dekkers vs. Coban

“This bout breakdown and historical overview is spot on.”

— Eric Haycraft, Glory Talent Agent, Head Coach at Real Fighters Gym: Regarding “The Fight That Changed The World of Muay Thai”

“Very nice video. I’m Joanne (Calderwood)’s coach, checking your other videos, great great work Lawrence.”

— James Doolan, Coach of Joanne Calderwood, Dinky Ninja Fight Team, Higher Level MMA Gym

“Dude, your Breakdowns are amazing. I use them all the time to reinforce techniques I teach my fighters. Thank you for the awesome resource!” — Mike Burke, Owner and Head Coach at The Institute of Muay Thai

“Lawrence Kenshin has joined the Underground! If you don’t know who that is yet, time to learn. Check out the list of elite striking coaches and fighters following his analysis on Twitter, then check his videos and get back to me. He often puts up amazing high level video technique analysis with real world examples from the greats.” — Sean Gannon: Regarding Kenshin Breakdowns on The Underground Forums @ MixedMartialArts.com

“Another excellent video by Lawrence Kenshin. The habit of touching your gloves together as a kind of reset is something I see a lot, especially in beginners. This video shows clearly how dangerous that can be.” — Brandon Levi: Head Coach at Evolution Muay Thai, Regarding “Namsaknoi – Exploiting Tendencies”

Wow I just saw your vids. Your JoJo vids (and others) are awesome!” — BJJ Scout, Renown Grappling Analyst

“Nice one mate!” — Jompop Kiatphontip, Former No1 at Rajadamnern Stadium and Head coach of Kiatphontip Gym in Leeds, Regarding Samart: A Taste of Brilliance

Love your work Lawrence Kenshin, great breakdowns. ”

— Lightning Mike Angove, Striking Coach and Commentator

“Awesome Fight. Awesome Breakdown.”

— Pedro Sierra, MMA Coach at Absolute MMA

“Really enjoy these videos. Thank you for all the work you put into this.” 

— Ajarn Rick Sollo, Head Muay Thai Coach at Ultimate Fitness

“Nice work Lawrence! Awesome!!”

— Lolo Heimuli, Striking coach of Mark Hunt: Regarding “Dissolving Faber’s Game”

I really enjoy your breakdowns, very smart and quite helpful.”

— Eric Uresk, MMA Fighter, Coach at Phuket Top Team

“Another fantastic breakdown by Lawrence Kenshin. Sam-A is amazing to watch. Beautiful technique. ” — Peoria Muay Thai

“Thank you so much for the outstanding videos and breakdowns! Great stuff! ”

— Nick Lembo, Counsel for the New Jersey Athletic Control Board

“Your videos give great insight to both experienced and beginning martial artists. You have helped many to see the tricks, feints, set ups, and strategies that help showcase the skill of elite fighters. Thank you sir! Your videos are appreciated. ”

— Ronnie Pope – Muay Thai Instructor

“Good Job”

— Uriah Hall: UFC Prospect, The Ultimate Fighter Star, Regarding “Strengths and Weaknesses of Uriah Hall”

“Lawrence Kenshin does it again…. awesome breakdown!”

— David Suk Jai Fox, Muay Thai Coach, Regarding “Exploiting Tendencies”

“Very nice breakdown of technique.”

— Kru Naaron, Instructor at N-1 Thai Boxing Academy

“Always love seeing stuff like this.”

— Ben Saunders, UFC Fighter & First Omoplata in the UFC, Regarding “Buakaw’s Hand-Trap KOS”

“Keep em coming Lawrence Kenshin! Love the way you break them down!” — Maseh Nuristani, Professional Kickboxing Prospect

“This fight was one of the tipping points that began Muay Thai’s rise to global dominance in the world of striking arts. For more great video breakdowns and history, please follow Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns”

— Evolve MMA: Elite MMA Camp

“Keep these genius videos coming! I’ve trained with many high level coaches out here in Massachusetts and not even those guys have taught me some of the things you and Jack Slack post. I basically relied on these videos as my coaching when I was only doing jiu-jitsu.

I couldn’t afford a coach to keep progressing my striking so I relied heavily on your videos along with Jack Slack. And guess what? I won! I started my career as 0-2 and my striking looked so crappy. I threw crisp punches and great kicks but I didn’t understand how to use them.

I learned from you guys and ended up knocking my first opponent this year into a full 360 on a counter left-hook from a right handed-stance, and the second guy I Fought I totally dominated with my striking. Thank you for spreading the knowledge and please keep it coming. I will start a new chapter in my career at Sityodtong Boston due to you guys inspiring me to have better striking. I really appreciate your brilliant work, you’ve inspired me, thank you.”

— Bryan Rossi – Professional MMA Fighter

“These are really great on so many levels.” — Joel Gerson, Owner and Coach of Revolutions MMA

“I wish I could keep these breakdowns to myself… :(” — Barry Thomas, Head Coach of Te Kura Awhio Mixed Martial Arts

“If you haven’t already done so, make sure you head over to Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns, give it a like and check out all the amazing vids he has put together! Great channel with amazing content! Love this one on Naseem from when he was in his prime!”

— Stuart Tomlinson, Founder of “Warriors Collective,” Collective World Champion Tutorials on Youtube

“You know about fighting. It’s rare to share with someone who has the vision that you do. Your work has made it easier for me to communicate techniques, making me a better coach and a better fighter. Mahalo Lawrence.” – Lavelle Brown, 5-0 MMA Champion coaching out of BJ Penn’s academy

“Huge fan of your work!” – Mike Todd, Head Muay Thai trainer of Bull Dog MMA Parramatta, former S & C coach of Sitsongpeenong Muay Thai

“Yes yes yes! I agree on everything you say about มานพ ศรีรูปี he is the absolute man! You keep the fantastic work.” Chris Garnett – Head coach at Granite Gym, former Muay Thai coach at Combat Sports Academy UK

“Another great one by Lawrence Kenshin! I hate when people refer to this style or think this style is “showing off” or “showboating” or “being disrespectful” In my opinion to be able to do this style is some next level shit. This is another really good breakdown by Lawrence Kenshin so take 10mins and watch and educate yourself before immediately deeming something negative you don’t understand and learn about it first.” – Steve Rossillo, head striking coach of Capital MMA, regarding my Lerdsila feature

“I love this video” – Adam Mallehan, Muay Thai coach at Modern American Mixed Martial Arts, regarding Lerdsila feature.

“I’ve seen a couple of Lawrence Kenshin’s breakdowns. Brilliant stuff!” – Patrick Valor Rivera, head instructor of Valor Training Center, United States Muay Thai Federation Coach

“You deserve a million subscribers on YouTube” – Kirik Jenness, MMA Coach, founder of MixedMartialArts.com

“Shout out to Lawrence Kenshin for this great breakdown. It’s a shame videos like this don’t get as much attention.” – Prashant Paul, Founder of Control Kickboxing