Troubleshooting for Striking Techniques Volume 1

Thank you for giving my new book, Striking Techniques Volume 1, a chance! As you may know, the ebook contains playable videos. This new technology requires programs to be able to run it. Since a few people have asked me to help with troubleshooting, here’s a guide to get it running on all devices.

On Macs, this will automatically open on iBooks beautifully.

However, on the PC, you will need Azardi ePub player to run the program – download link:

Once you open the program, you will need to click the top button on the right to create this screen.


Once on this screen, click the 2nd button from the right and import the file over. You will need to download the file from Gumroad – note that Gumroad technology will not support the playable videos so therefore it will not even load.

Please give this method a try and it works for 99% of PC users. In the rare case that it has not worked, ePub File Reader has been a solution.

If you are on mobile or tablet, for Android you will need the application eReader Prestigio. Again, Gumroad will not support the file on mobile, so you must download the file and open it on Prestigio.

If you are on iPhone or iPad, you must transfer over the file – either via direct transfer, airdrop, or dropbox. The option to open iBooks should appear. Again, no need to try to opening it on Gumroad app itself!


Please give these methods a try, and if you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to message me on Facebook or at – I will help you trouble shoot it all the way through if you’d like my assistance :)!